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Traveling to Koh Lanta in 2022, Where should you check-in

Lanta Island,Krabi

Traveling to Koh Lanta in 2022, Where should you check-in

Traveling to Koh Lanta in 2022, Where should you check in?


Krabi Province with the charm that should not be missed in 2022

          Krabi is famous for the sea and significant islands The most beautiful place in Thailand. Many places are classified as tourist attractions that are talked about by both Thai and foreign tourists every year. If you want to go to the beautiful sea Must come to the Krabi sea once

          In addition, the Krabi sea attracts tourists. The unique culture itself is equally fascinating. Both the story of the way of life, including the food that tastes outstanding. Delicious local style unique So it's another reason as well.


Traveling to Krabi Province, you must go to Koh Lanta to be great. ✨

          Getting to Koh Lanta is not difficult. There are boats available. can travel easily Including traveling around the island as well. Most of the attractions on Koh Lanta are on the west coast. There are various facilities and a beautiful and calm sea. Koh Lanta and its attractions are known among tourists as much.


Landing Koh Lanta Accommodation must be at Lanta Sand Resort and Spa only.

          Lanta Sand Resort and Spa is a very special accommodation. Ready to serve all tourists It stands out for its location on Long Beach or Phra Ae Beach. You can watch the most beautiful sunset on Koh Lanta here, along with a special promotion, just use Code: welcomehome, and get instantly a discount. or special services when entering the service


Travel to Koh Lanta with Landmark of the Year 2022

          Today, we have already selected Lanta Sand Resort and Spa with 5 popular check-in spots when visiting Koh Lanta. Where are they? Let's see.


1. Lighthouse of Koh Lanta
          also known as Patchotwachirapha Lighthouse It is located at the southern end of Mu Ko Lanta National Park. is the highest point of the island It is considered one of the landmarks of Koh Lanta.


2. Thung Yee Peng
          A small, peaceful community located on the eastern coast of Koh Lanta Yai. Most of the area is mangrove forest. The community is surrounded by forests and mangroves in the sea.

          It can be said that Thung Yee Peng is designed for tourists who truly want to relax. Let nature help the busy mind of urban society to relax. combined with the pursuit of new life experiences from the white lifestyle of the Ban Thung Yee Peng community


3. Bagan Tiang Beach
          also known as Bagan Tiang Bay The beach looks like a curve. Located at the western end of the beach is beautiful fine white sand During low tide, piles of rocks appear in different areas of the beach.


4. Lanta Old Town Community

          An old community that has lived on Koh Lanta for a long time. There is ethnic and religious diversity, whether Thai, Muslim, or Thai Buddhist. Distinguished by the buildings and restaurants Suitable for tourists who want to experience and learn the culture of the community on Koh Lanta to access customs


 5. ร้าน Shine Talay
          It is another great restaurant on Koh Lanta that offers a variety of fresh seafood dishes such as scallops, cockles, lobsters, crayfish, etc. 
All the deliciousness you are looking for Both freshness, taste, and atmosphere, who comes to Koh Lanta Don't miss out on Shine Talay.


          Lanta Sand Resort and Spa would like to be another option for you to have fun and relax every day with a special promotion, just use Code: welcomehome, and get it immediately with a discount. or special services when staying


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